Wracking my Brain is a series of workshops funded by the Doris Field Charitable Trust taking place at the Headway Activity and Rehabilitation Centre.

Wracking my Brain Workshop or what my brain looks like

Sculptor, Pam Foley will encourage participants to explore the feelings and emotions stemming from brain injury. Using clay participants will create a personal sculpture that conveys to others what life has been like since the accident. Pam experienced brain injury herself several years ago and will bring her very own personal experience and related artwork, to the workshop. 

The workshop took place over several weeks in April, prior to International Sculpture Day 2021 (ISDay 2021) on Saturday 24 April which aims to celebrate and promote sculpture and sculptors. It is hoped that with permission from participants, the sculptures made during the workshops will also be exhibited at the art school on ISDAy 2021 and during Artweeks on 1-3 May 2021.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Commission

Following sculptor tutor, Pam Foley’s involvement with Crash-3 research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as a ‘patient representative’, Pam has now been commissioned to produce a sculpture representing her own personal, brain injury, journey. Pam hopes to bring the sculpture to the Wracking my Brain workshop for discussion and inspiration.

Pam completed the making stage in December. It took until early March for it to be dry enough to be placed in the kiln. Pam and team are firing the clay very, very slowly so as not to provoke cracking. Slowly, slowly does it. Fingers crossed the kiln gods and goddesses agree. See Pam’s facebook for full details on the Crash-3 research project with LSHTM and the commission.

Wracking my Brain workshops are funded a grant from the Doris Field Charitable Trust.

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