Basic Anatomy for Life Drawing with Grant Waters

Wednesday 24 February until Wednesday 24 March

7pm to 9pm

We will look at ways in which simple anatomy can assist in the drawing of the human figure. If, for instance, we understand that the torso consists of two basic forms; the ribcage and the pelvis and we consider how they move and interact then the core of the body becomes easier to express. In the same way, being able to construct a basic skull shape greatly helps when it comes to drawing a portrait. Realising that there are two bones in the forearm and that one radiates around the other when we rotate our hands makes an arm easier to draw, and so it continues.

It is also helpful sometimes, to see things in the way that a sculptor does and consider the body in terms of shapes, forms, and planes intersecting with each other and there will be exercises around this.

We will work from a variety of sources such as photographs of life drawing poses, sculptures, and anatomy drawings. We can still do some work directly from life as we have a free model in the form of our own bodies, so self-portraits and studies of hands and arms etc. can be undertaken too.

£100 for 5 weeks

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