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Postponed at the moment, we will reorganise when we have a clearer idea about the current situation . . 

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Materials Lists for Short Courses

Sarah Spackman – Simply Looking. Monday and Tuesday 30th and 31st March.

Students will need a sketchbook and drawing materials e.g pencils / charcoal

A board or canvas primed for oil painting approx. 30 x 40 cm

A large palette for mixing paint

Brushes – long flat or filbert, sizes 2,4 and 6.

Odourless solvent

Plenty of rags for wiping brushes etc

Portable easel if you have one.


Titanium white, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium red, Ultramarine. If you want to bring extra paints please bring Lemon Yellow, Alizarin Crimson and Cobalt Blue.

George Boyter – Perspective. Tuesday 31st March

Selection of pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener, ruler, A3 cartridge paper pad. Sketchbook.

Ron Freeborn – Creative Landscape / Seascape / Townscape – Composition and Design – Wednesday 1st April

Mixed media. Please bring a broad ranging general art kit – selection of brushes, paints, pastels (chalk and oil) coloured pencils and any other medium you wish to work with.

This is not a copying exercise but you will need reference material in the form of images, sketches, sketchbooks, photographs etc.

Jane Strother – Kitchen Sink Lithography. Wednesday 1st April

Drawings and / or photographs to work from. These should involve simple shapes which can be reproduced using limited tonal variation, i.e predominantly black and white. It is not possible to achieve gradations of tone on the printing plate but you will be shown how to enhance your work using transparent medium and variety in your mark making. You will also need:

A permanent marker pen or two of different thicknesses. Sharpie or Pentel both work!

Empty bottle with spray gun nozzle

Newspaper – lots of it

Roll of kitchen paper

Wooden spoon (regular spoon shape)

Latex gloves if desired


Neil Drury – Three Spring Bouquets – Thursday 2nd April

Selection of paints including watercolour, gouache, acrylics and oils. Dry materials including pastels (chalk and oil) pencils, coloured pencils and magazines / images / newspapers for collage.

Kate Hammersley – Drawing and Painting the clothed figure

A range of drawing materials e.g. range of pencils HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, eraser, putty rubber, willow charcoal, other drawing and painting materials of your own choosing.

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