Covid-19 Duty of Care Statement


In September, school staff rationalised equipment at the art school in order to maximise space, which enabled us to create a 1.5 metre social-distancing arrangement in each studio. This set-up is still in place for the the 2021 Spring Term and allows us to continue to operate within the current Government guidelines. Classes will also be spread across two different studio spaces, where possible to allow a maximum amount of space between individuals.


Face coverings in classrooms are not a legal requirement but due to the nature of the new Covid-19 variant, we are now asking all students to wear a face covering at the school. This can be a mask, visor or both if you prefer. We are also asking young people attending classes to wear a face covering. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering or you lip-read please do let us know.  More about face coverings in educational settings can be found here.


Please be sure to scan the QR code every time to attend classes to register your attendance. To do this you will need to download the NHS Covid-19 app on your device. The QR code poster can be found on the external doors and in each room at the school.


  • One-way systems are in place for students, where practicable.
  • Staff will administer hand sanitiser to all students before entering the school.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided in all rooms, toilets, entry and exit points at the school
  • Each class has a designated toilet which is cleaned before and after each session.
  • Shared points of contact (‘touch points’) such as door handles and switches, sockets are cleaned before and after each class.
  • Shared equipment, furniture, touched surfaces and sink areas are cleaned before and after each class, this includes touchpoints on easels and boards.
  • Windows will be opened in each studio, subject to weather conditions, to increase ventilation. Subject to weather conditions.
  • All rubbish bins have been changed to pedal bins.


As much as we would like to, we are not able to operate the common room as before. Tea breaks can still be taken inside each studio or outdoors, if the weather allows. We will provide tea, coffee, hot water and milk but not specialist tea bags or biscuits, as before. We also ask you to bring your own mug to classes to minimise sharing of equipment.

Students can still come to the common room to collect their drink but are asked not to linger as it is a small room and we need to maintain social distancing.

You are also welcome to bring a flask or drink of your own to class, if you prefer.


  • Face covering/coverings.
  • A mug for tea/coffee breaks.
  • ALL the art materials you need for your class, including palettes, jam jars, rags and newspaper.
  • Extra layers to keep you warm indoors as we will keep windows open if we can
  • Extra layers for break times if you prefer to be outside.


  • Please place any still life objects used during class in the quarantine box at the end of the class.
  • Please place used hairdryers or other equipment in the quarantine box at the end of class.


  • Drapes, blind pulleys, portable spotlights and heaters must only be touched by tutors.
  • Drawers, cupboards and shelves must only be touched by tutors.

If you need something or help with something, please let your tutor know.


We will be running the school shop as usual from the common room so please bring some loose change with you. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer change at this time though. We will also be selling visors for £3 each.


Please do not arrive early for your lesson. If you do, please wait outside or in your car, until it is time for your session to begin. Your tutor will also come to the school entrance to let you know when they are ready for you.


Unfortunately, it will not be possible for parents and guardians to wait in the common room whilst the class takes place.


We know everyone is respectful, however we would ask that if you do have any Covid-19 symptoms to call and let us know you will not be attending the school and seek professional guidance. Please also let us know immediately if you, or anyone you have been in contact with, develops symptoms and has visited the school within the previous 14 days.


Each studio and shared space at Sunningwell School of Art has been assessed for health and safety with a specific focus on applying COVID-19 controls and mitigations where necessary.


Opera Anywhere are continuing to provide their rehearsal space at Bayworth Chapel to the Art School in order for some of the classes to continue to take place, following government guidelines.

Directions from the Art School to Bayworth Chapel are as follows: From the Art School drive towards the Flowing Well, bear left and follow the lane for about 1/2 mile until you reach Bayworth Village, drive through a row of houses on the left and right, past the green on the right and follow the road around a sharp bend to the left. After 6 houses on the left you will reach Bayworth Chapel. You may prefer to park at the art school and walk to the chapel, which is about a 10 minute walk however there is parking for 12 cars parked carefully at the chapel. Please enter the Chapel at the front of the building and not through the hall doorway at the rear of the car park, the Hall and office at the rear is rented out to Heelas Heating.

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