Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th 10am to 4pm

Course fee £175

Each student can decide if they would like to follow:

 a) drawing for 3 days

b) 1 day drawing, 2 days painting

c) 3 days painting.

This three-day course, focused on classical approaches to cast drawing, will teach students to convey form and depth of subject on paper i.e.. three dimensions on two dimensional surfaces.  

Students will learn to see in abstract and think of light and form conceptually. Beginning with linear drawing or ‘block-in’, which focuses on  shape, proportion and gesture, students will then move to tone and edge, finishing with details and accents.  By learning to approach drawing methodically, students will be able to produce work that more effectively creates the illusion of reality.

(The tutor will be drawing and painting (option b) alongside students and demonstrate every step from beginning to ‘end’)

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