Morandi and Ambiguity with Jane Strother

Giorgio Morandi’s work is a wonderful stepping off point from which to analyse the abstract qualities of a seemingly simple subject. On day one you will put together your own still life sets to be arranged and re-arranged over the day. This is all about finding and drawing shape, pattern and rhythm. From this you might make the most minimalist of drawings using just one line and then graduate to more complex, overlapping drawings. All the while keeping the abstract qualities paramount.

Day two is about developing drawing into painting using restricted palettes and a paired down approach. You will be given a brief to start with or you can provide your own!

Suitable for all levels. Course fee £147

Friday 8th April 10am-4pm

Saturday 9th April 10am-4pm


  • Objects to work with. The School has a large array of such things which can be used or you can bring your own. Look at Morandi’s paintings for suitable ideas.
  • A range of drawing tools and media. I envisage you using drawing inks or watercolour or watered-down acrylic for wet drawing. Pencils, graphite, charcoal and a rubber. You will not need everything but one wet and one dry, minimum.
  • Acrylic paints with an acrylic medium, oil pastels and vegetable oil, oil paints with a non-toxic medium and vegetable oil for cleaning. Make your choice.
  • Paper, suitable for wet drawing but not watercolour paper.
  • Paper for painting, probably the same as for the drawing, or canvas, or board
  • Tracing paper could be useful. You can buy it a sheet at a time from the School.
  • Brushes etc.

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