Fundamentals of Art and Design 14-18s with Charlotte Houlihan

Wednesday 24 February until Wednesday 24 March

4.30pm to 6pm

Art and design are forms of communication. A means of expressing our observations of the world around us. Underpinning this is the skill of observation. This term we will focus our attention on colour. Effective use of colour brings your work to life, making it sing. We will experiment with colour through a series of freeing exercises designed to push you outside of the confides of colouring in. We will tackle complimentary colours, mixing, expression and creating depth. Always working from observation to encourage you to really see the colours around you and to find your own relationship with colour. We’ll use a variety of mediums and materials, making this a great opportunity to learn through experimentation and enjoyment.


Some acrylic paints including yellow, red and blue and oil pastels in the same colours.

£80 for 5 weeks

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