Learning to look at Recent and Contemporary Sculpture

A talk with Mary Acton was delivered via zoom and projected onto a screen for a live audience at the art school on Saturday 24th April, International Sculpture Day 2021.

There is no doubt that modern sculpture has changed radically; it has moved from carving and modelling to construction and installation, using new materials, the found object and the so-called readymade. However, traditional subjects like the human figure have remained important, allowing for sculpture to move between tradition and innovation in often unexpected ways. This lecture will explore continuities, contradictions, and innovations in recent and Contemporary sculpture from about 1945 to the present day, including artists such as Rachel Whiteread, Cornelia Parker, Andy Goldsworthy and Antony Gormley.

Stacked Oak

Branches left over from trees

That were being felled locally

Collected during the installation

Supplied by Job Earnshaw and Bros Ltd

By Andy Goldsworthy 2007

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