Life in Double with Neil Drury

Day 1: Tuesday 6th July from 10am to 4pm

Day 2: Wednesday 7th July from 10am to 4pm

Two life models, two days.

This workshop will be a rare opportunity to work with two models at the same time, one male and one female. The expressive and compositional possibilities using two figures will be huge, and I look forward to exploring it greatly. We will consider many art historical examples where this device has been used to great effect – Picasso, KItaj, Rodin and Rafael to name but a few. Please bring your own reference material too if it helps. Whilst keeping socially distanced we will move around the models and consider the possibilities of double figure compositions from all angles, sketching first and then painting/drawing/ collaging etc.

We will work towards finishing at least one piece by the end of day two, more if desired. Some previous experience of life work would be useful.

Course fee is £200.

Please bring your own art materials.

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