ISDAY 2020 Virtual Sculpture Exhibition

International Sculpture Day (ISDay was held on Saturday 25 April 2020) and we celebrated the big day with a virtual sculpture exhibition of recent works produced by our most advanced students and those at the start of their sculpture journey, curated by tutor and sculptor, Pam Foley.

Sculpture student profiles

John Tanner

Roughly in the year 2000, I started a course at Sunningwell School of Art in life sculpture and never looked back.

More about John and his practice.

Kay Lynn

I have studied Sculpture for 8 years with Pam Foley and taken part in the Sunningwell Sculpture Group’s two exhibitions at the Turrill Garden in Summertown Oxford in the spring of 2017 and 2019.

More about Kay and her practice.

Linda Hann

Working with clay is very absorbing and banishes any worries or tensions you may be experiencing.

More about Linda and her practice.

Michéle Leveque

Focused exclusively on life models, I find it the best way to express myself, to reveal a story, a feeling or just a person.

More about Michéle and her practice.

Pat Freeman

I love the life class – it’s the high light of my week. The human body is so interesting in its diversity.

More about Pat and her practice.

Elizabeth Gordon

The presence of the live model in a class is a great gift and I think that the relationship between the model and the person attempting to sculpt his or her body is what makes or breaks the work produced.

More about Elizabeth and her practice.

Glenda Abramson

I have been a sculpture student for some years under the brilliant guidance of Pam Foley, a noted British-American sculptor.

More about Glenda and her practice.

Lizzie Judge

I became interested clay modelling from life over three years ago and have increasingly found it rewarding as a means of developing my work.

More about Lizzie and her practice.

Margaret Belich

After a very long absence., a serendipitous turning found me in Pam Foley’s
workshop sculpting the human form. Oh happy days!

Nick Williamson

I find sculpture more interactive than drawing and painting, if its
big enough you can get in to a piece! These first few pieces are just the first as I plan to continue on my sculpture journey.

More about Nick and his practice.

Vicki Farrar-Hockley

I am passionately interested in muscular form, movement and power, and try to catch in my subjects their vitality and personality without compromising anatomical integrity.

Sue Douglas

The experience of working with clay to model the human form is essentially sensual; the feel of shaping the clay in response to a perception of the model.

More about Sue and her practice.

Will Heynes

Through the 1990s Wilbur Heynes trained in Oxford, Florence, Bristol, and London, before working as an assistant to a British sculptor working in France.

More about Will and his practice.

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