Our on-line, 5 week courses cover a wide range of disciplines, led by our leading experienced tutors. We can now offer courses on the following:

Drawing and Painting – ‘Developing the Imagination’ led by Nena Parkes On Monday (watercolour) and Tuesday (all media) afternoons. Tapping into the imagination to produce original creative artwork.  Learning to focus on the whole picture rather than the detail by working first on an interplay of lines, shapes, lights, darks and colours which combine to image the subject matter.For more information follow this link. The Monday PM courses will focus on watercolour and the Tuesday PM Courses will be all media.

Classical Oil Painting with Marcus Hodge on Mondays. This course will cover the oil painting techniques using still life as its subject. Focusing on construction, light and dark, and colour using the allaprima painting technique. We will also cover the most basic areas for beginners so it will suit students of all levels. For more information follow this link.

Drawing (still life) – ‘Isolation Life Drawing‘ led by Sarah Spackman on Monday mornings. This is a continuation of the last 5 weeks Isolation Life drawing. We will continue to look at structure and how it can be explored and developed using ourselves and our surroundings as the model in this time of isolation. For more information follow this link.

Contemporary Painting and Drawing (acrylics) on Mondays, 2 courses – Monday AM and Monday PM led by Jane Strother. To book and for further information on Monday AM course please follow this link To book and for further information on Monday PM course please follow this link

Watercolour – ‘Zoom along with Anthony’ led by Anthony Wilder on Tuesday mornings. Escape into memories. Using photographic material from holidays combined with a window in your home, perhaps with objects on a window sill, imagine that you are looking out from your home onto vistas far away. For more information follow this link.

Turn the volume up! Recorded from a distance!

Household Still Life painting class with Neil Drury on Tuesday afternoons.There are things we all have about the house, often inexpensive, everyday and overlooked, that can be a rich source for investigative still life exercises and picture making. I plan to open up this source to students as a chance to derive knowledge and pleasure from using them in a still life painting or drawing – the wonderful everyday as they say at IKEA! For more information follow this link.

Andreo Serio

Drawing ‘The Spring Smorgasbord’ led by Allyson Austin on Wednesday mornings. Spring and summer offer rich, ripe, burgeoning textures and colours. We will be moving away slightly from traditional landscape drawing and moving into capturing the essence of the textural and fecund smorgasbord that is your garden or local park. We will be making drawings that require your imaginative input whilst taking ordinary tools (such as writing pens) through their paces to create textural, rhythmical and dynamic drawings. For more information follow this link.

Joan Brown

‘Why California’ with Allyson Austin on Wednesday afternoons. Good enough for Diebenkorn, David Park, Joan Brown and Hockney amongst many others. We will be letting in the sunshine with a project that looks at flavoursome, full bodied colour and composition. Based around the Bay Area Artists, we will be letting rip with pieces involving intuitive use of colour, abandonment, freedom and expression. You will need rolls of lining paper, any paints and colours you can get your hands on, decorating brushes, rollers, glue, overalls and a garden or wall to work in and on. For more information follow this link.

Maggie Fyffe ‘Afternoon Tea’

Draw and Paint Nature and still life led by Kate Hammersley on Thursdays – 2 courses, Thursday mornings and afternoons.This course looks at how we can visually record the world around us whilst under lockdown/social distancing measures.
With a different subject each week you will learn how to draw and paint birds, food, flowers and everyday appliances using the art materials at your disposal. You will be able to explore changes in scale, composition, colour, texture, mark-making and layering.  Each week begins with an introduction and demonstration by Kate Hammersley and you will be given supporting material to look at and helpful hints and tips.  You will then be able to create your artwork before a final online review with feedback on your work in a supportive group atmosphere. For more information follow this link.

Turn the volume up! Recorded from a distance!

‘Food As Art– Painting with Neil Drury on Thursday afternoons. Following some people’s binge buying prior to the lockdown, our store cupboards may be bulging with comestibles. What better opportunity than now to explore the many discernible beauties and surprises relating to their depiction. Then later on, replete with art, you can nourish your body by eating your subject matter! For more information follow this link.

Observational Drawing with Charlotte Houlihan on Thursdays.

Draw from life in your own home. Observational drawing is a discipline that underpins all artistic practice. During this five week course you will develop and hone your observational drawing skills through a series of liberating exercises, usually practiced in our life class, that are designed to free you up and be honest about what you see. We will tackle colour, movement, composition and loosening up, using still life, our own spaces and even our own hands and feet. This is a great opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on exercises you may already be familiar with, or to learn more about drawing from observation. The critique is individually focused with no “right” or “wrong” but rather a goal of individual development and original expression. For more information follow this link.

Absolute Beginners with Jane Strother on Friday mornings.

Your Personal Sketchbook Project

Do you use a sketch book? How do you use one?

These are open ended questions, this course aims to help you find a way that suits you. Sketchbooks can be artefacts in their own right, as well as collections of useful resource material. Yours may be an art journal or a theme-based ideas or reference book, an eclectic mix of bits and pieces.

For the five-week course you will explore a theme using collage and a range of media in a commercial or handmade sketchbook. The plan is to experiment with samples, trialing ideas rather than making finished pieces. Your sketchbook might be a useful resource for a further printmaking or mixed media or contemporary painting course.

For more information follow this link.

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