How does it work?

We have kept everything as simple as we can. We are operating two models.

Via email, where you will receive an exercise or project from your tutor, be given a deadline for emailing the work back, and then have feedback from your tutor via email / phone or video chat.

The second is via Zoom. Some of you may already be familiar with Zoom, a video meeting facility on the internet. If not, we can provide instructions on how to download and use it. Tutors will give a 15-minute introduction prior to your lesson on Zoom and then your group will reconvene for a 30-minute feedback session after your lesson. You can even include a group coffee break if you want!

Some tutors will operate a mixture of the two methods above.

For a precis of projects and classes available and times and dates please go to the Sunningwell School of Art on-line course page on our website. You can book from here, much as you would a short course or you can go direct to our on-line ‘box office‘.

Zoom is a simple video conferencing solution that will enable you to connect with the tutor and your fellow students, to save time why not familiarise yourself now with Zoom, if you don’t know it already. You can use Zoom on any computer that has a camera and a microphone, such as laptops, or any ipad or mobile phone. Zoom have a great website where you can find all the instructions and lots of video tutorials, we recommend you take a look at these:

To Join a meeting look at this tutorial and follow the basic instructions

For more advanced information even if you have no intention of hosting a meeting this is really good too:

Getting Started with Zoom Meetings

Cost of 5 week course: The cost is £60 for 5 weeks of classes and tutoring. (1st half of the Summer Term.)

Deadline for booking: Saturday 18th April 5pm.

Some classes will not be available on-line. This is due to logistics and some classes not lending themselves satisfactorily to a 2-dimensional experience. If your class is not on-line you can join another one that is on offer. If this is the case, please email before you book so we can check numbers with the tutor.

Mobile shop service.

Our aim is to facilitate you being creative at home as much as we can. We have 23 wooden easels, 6 desk top easels, 45 drawing boards of varying sizes and a stocked shop at Sunningwell. Deliveries are still permitted so this coming weekend 18th / 19th April we will be mobilising the Sunningwell shop courtesy of the OperaAnywhere van. For a small delivery charge of £5 for an easel and / or board and £3 for paper and sundries (plus the cost of those items) we can deliver to your shed or outdoor delivery spot. Boards and easels will unfortunately have to be on a first-come-first-served basis, so please email if you would like to reserve one.

A full list of materials available from the mobile shop is attached to this email.

To place a shop order please email us with what you would like delivered, include your address, phone number and detailed description of where it is to be left. We will email you back with the cost. Please leave the exact amount in money or a cheque made payable to ‘Sunningwell School of Art’ in an envelope at your delivery spot. Unfortunately we will not be able to leave change or handle money that is not in an envelope.

If you have any questions please do get in touch, either email or phone 01865 730442. Although our office is closed we can still access all our phone messages as normal.

Finally – we will be uploading links to all the major galleries who have on-line virtual tours so do keep checking the website for information and updates.

Stay safe and keep drawing!

Kindest regards,
Allyson, Vanessa, Mike and Sophie.

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