Following in the footsteps of Piper with Jane Strother

Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th July from 10am to 4pm

One of John Piper’s extensive studies of British architecture and landscape was made of the parish church in Sunningwell. Piper was an immensely versatile artist in terms of his disciplines and use of media. Over the two days you will be introduced to his mixed media approach and plan a piece of mixed media work in a John Piper style.

You will make your own collage papers and collect your own too – so start saving those unfinished paintings or sketches, they may be useful!

You may like to work from the church as John Piper did, another church or building, landscape or seascape. Your choices do not have to be old!

Please bring all or some of the materials below:

  • Drawing inks in black and colours (water soluble or acrylic)
  • Watercolour in tubes or acrylic paints
  • Pastels and/or chalks (soft or hard)
  • Scissors
  • Pva glue (not Pritt stick)
  • Brushes, various
  • White/buff Paper to work on in a reasonable weight and with a smooth surface to withstand gluing.
  • Lightweight white paper for making collage paper – printer paper or thin cartridge with a smooth surface
  • Collection of papers for collage. We will make collage papers as part of the class but for starters you may like to collect a range of coloured pieces – envelopes, tissue, wrappings etc as well as plain colours. And don’t forget those old paintings or sketches to re-use! Ideally these need to be on lightweight paper.
  • Research! You will need to bring some sketches and/or photos with you of your subject. Please bring more than one! A building will need to be viewed in its surroundings as well as close-up for detail and from slightly different positions.  Print these out if you can. For landscape too you need the form, the shape of the land and motif or detail specific to the place (plants, fences, gates, boat shapes, birds…). Piper included decoration and texture as major elements in his work.

Course fee is £140

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