A Fireside Life Class with Clova Stuart-Hamilton

Date: Tuesday December 7th from 4pm to 7pm

Course fee: £45

Places: 8

An enamel tub and some other props will add to the atmosphere and facilitate a range of interesting short poses in the first half hour. 

The rest of the session will be devoted to one pose in which the female model will be seen very much in relation to the props offering “figure in interior” possibilities. 

Experienced artists may want to produce a quick painted study using a limited palette.  Alternatively, a coloured graphic medium like chalk or oil pastel could be used for capturing the fleeting effects of firelight on the flesh and white towel.  For those not wishing to venture into colour, the strong shapes and unusual lighting will make it a rewarding subject in monochrome.  Interest could always be added by using charcoal/chalk/conté on a coloured paper and/or using sanguine and white to bring out warmth and heighten lights.

Examples of work by Degas, Bonnard and others with a “bath tub theme” will be discussed

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Allyson, Vanessa, Mike and Sophie

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